Education System of Cuba

Cuba is officially known as the Republic of Cuba. It is an island in the Caribbean Sea, which includes the main island of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud and many archipelagos. Furthermore, Cuba is a developing country however, it has high life expectancy rates as well as high literacy rate ~ 100%.

Cuba experiences a tropical climate as it lies on the south of Tropic of Cancer. There are well established Education Institutions in Cuba with several schools and universities. School Education is compulsory from the age group of 6 to 15 years. And it is important to note that students wear uniforms in schools, denoted by different colors for different grades. Furthermore, primary education has duration of 6 years, and the secondary education is divided into basic and pre-university education. 

Attending school in Cuba is a must through the 9th grade. After that, students can chose for three years of a pre-university program or vocational school. For grades 10-12, students can study an academic track that would prepare them for the college entrance exams; Vocational programs will make them job ready. 

For many years, Cuba has been graduating an impressive number of engineers, medical doctors, scientists and college professors. The socialist economy guaranteed them all employment after graduation. However, recent changes in the economy have reduced the number of jobs available to those holding academic degrees while at the same time, there has been an increasing demand for skilled workers.

Cuba maintains close ties on education with the United Kingdom and Venezuela etc. Every year foreign students also visit Cuba to get university degrees and diplomas.

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